Collaborators in life and art Ulan Murray and Rachel Burns present works of pure beauty and elegance. The sculpture evokes a strong sense of place from around the globe and awaken memories of the past.

Ulan Murray is a lapsed biologist who has spent the last 10 years consolidating his arts practice. Rachel Burns is a practicing artist with 30 years’ experience in the arts industry. She has had over 15 solo exhibitions in Sydney and has an Honours Degree in Creative Arts.

Through their works Murray and Burns create an intimate and surreal environment where scale has been inverted; trees have been resized and organic pod forms have been enlarged.  The tree works depict the equilibrium between the foliage and the root system of the tree- an image that is rarely conceived. The work becomes a meditation on the environment: from the monumentality of landscape to the minutiae.

Their works are made predominantly from copper and more recently bronze.

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